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    The All-Russian Children Center "Smena" - one of the largest educational centers in Russia. The most popular youth venue on the Black Sea coast, enabling thousands of children each year to combine study, meeting famous people, sports, technology, dancing and  career-guidance, as well as many other areas.
    "Smena" - a unique chance for a child to discover his talents and abilities to become confident, successful and sociable and diversified under the considerate guidance of experienced professionals and teachers. Their work focusing on the individual approach and freedom of choice.

    "Smena" offers a new service - an educational vacation . Within 21-day educational terms participants have a unique opportunity not only to relax and share a positive experience for the thematic area, but also to gain new knowledge, that will help in choosing a future profession .
    Founded in 1985. On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation a plan of development and reconstruction of the center was created, which includes a Russian national career center (Technologies Hall), where young people aged 14-18 will be able to determine the choice of future profession. Also, the project for the future "Smena" involves the creation of the All-Russian Center of volunteerism and the Maritime Mobile center with the participation of the Russian Geographical Society. "Smena" at the same time can accommodate 2 200 people, providing children with all necessary facilities for accommodation, food, organization of cultural leisure time, sports and recreation activities.
    Center infrastructure includes a beach, 8 residential buildings and dozens of summer cottages, a planetarium, a  tour desk, three dining-halls, a 50-meters pool, stadium,, indoor sports complex, weightlifting gym, boxing hall, shooting gallery , conference rooms , indoor and outdoor  concert halls, Internet center, Wi-Fi zones, ATM, 3D- laboratory, site of self-determination, psychological relief, business design, robotics.

    Office hours: 17.00-18.00 a.m.


    Federal State Educational Establishment «All-Russian Children Center  “Smena»
    Address: 353408, Krasnodar region, Anapa, p. Sukko, Primorskaya str 7
    Reception: 8 (86133) 93-520 (EXT.141), 93-016
    Fax: 8 (86133) 93-040
    Еmail: mail@smena.org
    Department of work with mass media and public relations: (86133) 93-520 (EXT.116), 8 (918) 986-74-89; press_fdc@mail.ru

    Sole founder: The Russian Ministry of Education and Science
    Inquiry service 8 (495) 539-55-19
    Address: Moscow 125993, Russia, Tverskaya Str. 11, MPO-3

    In case there was a technical glitch broadcast, we recommend you to follow the link
    Center professions
    The investment project involves modernization of the existence infrastructure, housing units, sports facilities of International level and creation of modern trends in educational programs to support creative initiatives, competency-based training programs focusing on soft skills for the children and the younger Russian generation based on The WorldSkills standards, techniques and methods
    Presentation video
    About us

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    The IT-Start Programme

    Offline meeting “Check-in under the sun”organised by the project “With confidence to the future” during school vacation

    "IT Start” Workshop for Orphans

    The results of the National IT-Camps for high school students were summed up in Anapa

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    Space Food Prepared for Kids

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